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What is destination preview?

Link preview allows the user who clicks on the link to preview where it leads and independently decide whether to go there. This option, in combination with the “collect consent” option, will completely protect you from any risks associated with current data collection laws

Why am I not seeing any activity logs?

Please try reloading the page first. If logs still do not appear, it is likely that the tracking link hasn't been accessed yet.

The tracked location seems incorrect. Why?

The pinpointed location is an approximation, as accuracy is limited by the nature of IP address-based geolocation. For more insight into how location estimation works, visit our detailed guide.

What can Grabify log?

Date/Time; IP Address; Country; City; Battery; Charging; Orientation; Connection Type; Timezone; Language; Incognito/Private Window; Ad Blocker; Screen Size; Local IP; Browser; Operating System; Device; GPU; Bot Name; User Agent; Referring URL; Host Name; Internet Service Provider and etc.

What does "Smart Logger" mean?

"Smart Logger" represents our advanced logging technology, which captures detailed information such as battery level, charging status, screen, and device orientation. Our commitment to innovation means we continuously add new capabilities. Discover the full spectrum of data "Smart Logger" can capture.

Why aren't specific data points showing up?

If specific data isn't displayed, it likely indicates that the accessed device or browser does not support these features. Compatibility will improve as technology advances and updates are applied.

Do tracking links expire?

Our links are designed to last indefinitely; they do not have an expiration date.

What is the role of bots in link tracking?

Bots often interact with links shared on social media to gather metadata such as site name, images, and descriptions. Seeing bot activity in your logs is normal and reflects this automated data retrieval process.

What timezone is used by default?

All timestamps are in UTC by default. However, you can adjust your preferred timezone through your account settings on the profile page.

What is the default timezone?

These services mask the user's original IP address, making it impossible to log their actual location. They are essential tools for users prioritizing privacy and anonymity online.

What is "Consent collection"?

This is a patented technology that automatically collects consent to the processing of his data, such as his IP address, etc. This is necessary to ensure the confidentiality and legality of the data; otherwise, you take responsibility for the collection.