IP grabber

Advanced IP Grabber Tool - Track IP Addresses

Our service offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for IP tracking and IP pullers. Designed to cater to both individual and professional needs, our platform allows users to generate custom links that can be used to collect IP data from anyone who clicks on them.

How to find out someone else's IP?

Grabify offers an efficient way to find and track IP addresses in just a few steps:
🔹 1️⃣ Shorten a long link.
🔹 2️⃣ Share the newly shortened link with someone else.
🔹 3️⃣ Capture the IP address once the user clicks on your link.
Note: Keep the tracking code of your link for quick access to its statistics. Enter the tracking code on the homepage and click 'Tracking Code' to view all the detailed information captured with IP Logger.


What is an IP Logger?

An IP Logger is a tool that allows users to track and record IP addresses of individuals who click on a specific link. This service is often used for digital analytics, security purposes, and network management.

How does an IP Logger work?

IP Logger works by creating a unique shortened link. When someone clicks on this link, their IP address is recorded and can be viewed by the link creator. This process helps in gathering data like location, device type, and browser used.

Can I track someone’s exact location with an IP Logger?

IP Loggers provide an approximate location based on the IP address, which may not always be the exact physical location. It's more about understanding the general area or region rather than pinpointing an exact address.

How can I protect myself from IP Logger tracking?

To safeguard against IP Logger tracking, avoid clicking on suspicious links, use VPN services to mask your IP address, and implement security measures like firewalls and anti-malware software.

Can IP Logger track more than just IP addresses?

Apart from IP addresses, IP Logger can also track other information such as the device type, browser, operating system, and sometimes even the user's behavior on the website or the time spent on a particular page.