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Grabify IP Logger is an advanced URL shortener offering analytics for link traffic and visitor insights on your site. Use IPLogger to detect your IP, locate IPs geographically, and track device locations. It also checks URLs for hidden redirects to ensure safety. Our patented technology allows for legal user consent collection.

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  • SMART Loggers:💡 Utilize cutting-edge logging technology to capture extensive data on user interactions, enhancing analytics and user experience insights.
  • IP Addresses:📍 Monitor specific IP addresses to identify distinct visitors and analyze their browsing behavior, improving personalization and security measures.
  • Hardware Specifications:💻 Delve into the technical aspects of your visitors' devices, including audio systems, display resolutions, and power sources, to refine user interface design.
  • Browser Insights:🌐 Collect detailed information on the browsers your visitors use, including versions, to tailor web compatibility and performance.
  • Geolocation Insights:🗺️ Pinpoint the exact geographical location of your users, from countries to cities, to customize content and streamline services geographically.
  • Access Origins and Paths:🔗 Trace the digital pathways users take to reach your site, including user agents and referrer URLs, to enhance traffic sourcing and marketing initiatives.
  • Technology Profiling:📱💻 Analyze the devices and operating systems accessing your content, facilitating targeted optimizations for diverse tech ecosystems.
  • Precise Location Mapping:🌍 Employ advanced techniques to accurately track visitor locations, offering opportunities for localized analytics and bespoke service offerings.
  • Consent Collection:📋 Automate the process of obtaining users' consent for data processing, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and enhancing trust and transparency.

  • Instructions

    Grabify IP Logger is a tool that enables you to effortlessly locate and monitor the IP address of any individual in three straightforward steps:

    1. Input any URL into the Grabify platform to condense and initiate tracking.
    2. Distribute the newly shortened link to another individual and prompt them to engage with it.
    3.Collect the IP address along with a comprehensive set of analytical data through the dedicated tracking page linked to your Grabify URL.
    Create Link

    Create link

    Enter a URL that you want Grabify to track.
    Share Link

    Share link

    Share the short link with another user.
    View Analytics

    View analytics

    Grab IP address and other analytic data after the user clicks on your short link.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Grabify IP Logger, we're not just another URL shortener – we're a comprehensive suite for monitoring and analyzing your digital footprint. Here's why thousands trust us as their go-to IP logging and tracking solution:

    • Advanced Technology: Our platform employs the latest in logging technology, ensuring you receive detailed and accurate insights into your link traffic and visitor behavior.
    • User Consent Collection: We prioritize privacy and legality with our patented consent collection technology, ensuring you're compliant with data protection laws while respecting user privacy.
    • Geolocation Precision: Pinpoint user locations with unmatched accuracy. Enhance your targeting and user experience with precise geolocation insights from global to local.
    • Security and Trust: With features to check URLs for hidden redirects and ensure your links' safety, we prioritize online safety.

    Choose Grabify IP Logger for reliability, precision, and a commitment to your online safety and success.