Remove my data

Your privacy is very important to us. Find out our procedures below.

In the event that you inadvertently engaged with a shortened URL, or encountered a web page that employs IP-tracking widgets or counters initiated by someone via this platform without your explicit permission and awareness, we urge you to promptly eliminate any data that may have been logged in our system as a result of your interaction or visit. It's important to understand that while our website's URLs, IP trackers, and counters do not gather any personally identifiable details, taking this step is crucial for reducing the likelihood of your personal data being accessible to others.

To expunge the records pertaining to your personal details from our database, kindly input the shortened URL you accessed or the link to the IP tracker or counter you visited in the specified area below. For the purpose of locating and erasing your data from our system, we must ascertain your current IP address and device specifications. Rest assured, the information we collect during this process will not be retained in our database. By choosing to proceed, you are giving us explicit permission to identify your IP address and device details to facilitate the deletion from our database.

Please be aware that if there have been changes to your IP address or device specifications, it might be challenging to locate your entry in the database for removal, as the data might lack identifiable information about you.