Google URL Shortener

Create short links to track and share on Google

The discontinuation of Google URL Shortener ( has left many users searching for a reliable alternative. Our URL Shortener offers a powerful solution for condensing long URLs into compact, shareable links while providing valuable click analytics. Whether you share links on social media, websites, or emails, our URL shortener is perfect for maintaining a clean, professional appearance.

Does Google have a URL shortener?

Google URL Shortener was shut down in 2019. Our URL Shortener provides a reliable and feature-rich alternative, allowing you to shorten long URLs while offering advanced features like custom branding and detailed click analytics

How do I shorten the URL in Google Chrome?

Use our URL Shortener directly from your browser. Paste the long URL into the tool above and click "Shorten." This makes creating compact, shareable links easy without leaving your browser.

Is Google URL shortener better than Bitly?

Google URL Shortener is no longer available. Our URL Shortener offers advanced features and customization options, making it a superior choice. Unlike Bitly, our service provides comprehensive analytics and the ability to create branded short links

Can I shorten a URL for free?

Yes, you can shorten URLs for free with our URL Shortener. Enjoy professional-grade features at no cost, including detailed click tracking, custom branding, and easy link management.