Linkedin URL Shortener

Create short links to track and share on Linkedin

The LinkedIn URL Shortener is a handy tool for professionals who want to keep their posts neat and tidy. It shortens long URLs into shorter versions that are easier to share on LinkedIn, making your posts look cleaner and more professional. Plus, it tracks how well your links perform in terms of clicks, helping you understand what interests your network the most

How to Shorten a URL Link for Free?

To shorten a URL link for free, enter your long URL in the provided box and click the 'Shorten' button. Instantly, you’ll receive a shortened version of the link that’s easier to manage and share across all platforms. Our service is entirely free, making it accessible for everyone to use

Is it Safe to Shorten a URL?

Shortening a URL is generally safe, but it's important to be cautious with any URL shortening service. While we ensure the security of our platform, shortened URLs can sometimes obscure the original destination, which might be exploited by malicious actors to disguise harmful sites. Always ensure you trust the source of a shortened link. Use additional security features available on our platform to enhance safety, such as tracking and managing your links to see where traffic is coming from.